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What are the characteristics of polyester filament fabrics?

1. The coil with filament tire substrate as matrix has better resistance to external load, uniform distribution of external stress and better resistance to deformation, and its service life is much longer than that of the coil with short fiber tire substrate as matrix.

2. According to the current national standards of elastomer or plasticity modified asphalt waterproof rolls (GB18242-2008 and GB18243-2008), the rolls made of filament matrix and staple matrix have the following characteristics:

2.1 The filament matrix can be lower in weight and less in thickness than the staple matrix, so it can easily meet the standard requirement of soluble substance content, while the staple matrix is difficult to reach the standard because of its high weight and thickness.

2.2 On the elongation index, no matter I or II type coil, the coil with filament tyre substrate can easily reach the standard, while the coil with staple fiber matrix can hardly reach the standard.

2.3 In the thermal aging test, the coil based on filament is easier to reach the standard, while the coil based on staple fiber is more difficult to reach the standard.

3. Because of its good strength, uniformity, thermal stability and impregnability, the filament matrix fabric has better adaptability to the modified asphalt impregnation process in coil production than the short fiber matrix, and can greatly improve the coil production speed and efficiency.

4. The production process of polyester felt substrate is short, the production speed is fast, the output of single machine is much higher than that of staple fiber needle-punched matrix, and the investment of unit output is smaller, the comprehensive cost is lower, which accords with the trend of low cost, low energy consumption and lightweight.

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